Below, we have put together over 150 pharmacology questions to test your understanding of the must-know facts to know for your next exam.

Pharmacology quizzes are the best way not only to test your knowledge of drugs and medicines, but also to help plug gaps and to identify strengths from weaknesses – guiding your future study plans and goals. Let’s get started.

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General Pharmacology

The following five quizzes review the fundamentals of pharmacology – and examine everything from indications and mechanisms of action, to side effects, drug interactions, and basic aspects of clinical pharmacology.

30 Questions!

Drug Classes

Here, we review some of the pharmacology specifics behind some of the most widely prescribed drug classes – including NSAIDs, beta-blockers, and aminoglycosides.

30 Questions!

Mechanisms of Action

Mechanisms of action in pharmacology refer to how a drug works to exert its therapeutic effect. Here are three MCQ tests, each of which has 10 questions – covering a detailed range of must-know mechanisms of action.

30 Questions!

Side Effects

Side effects are a must-know subject in clinical pharmacy. Here, we have put together three quizzes that cover a wide and diverse range of side effects from an even broader range of drugs and drug classes.

Top Tips When Answering
Pharmacology MCQs!

  • Always re-read questions before answering.

    Otherwise, you may miss important words such as “always” or “not” that can really transform the meaning of an MCQ.

  • Eliminate wrong answers.

    Never jump in and answer immediately. Always review each answer and eliminate wrong answers before choosing the one you deem to be correct. This reduces the risk of error.

  • Avoid guessing.

    Guessing should always be a last resort and should only be done once you have eliminated as many incorrect (or likely to be incorrect) answers. More detailed answers are more likely to be correct than broader answers.

  • Have confidence.

    You probably know far more than you think you do, and with enough confidence, you can work answers out rather than sinking with worry and stress.

  • Have a plan.

    There is nothing worse than having 10 minutes to go with 40 MCQs to answer. Time yourself and never spend more time than you need to on any one question. Come back to more difficult questions at the end.

  • Never leave the exam hall.

    Too many pharmacy students leave the exam hall far too earlier because they have answered all questions. But you may have rushed and so there may be errors. Review, review, review – and maximize your result.

  • Trust instincts.

    If, upon reading a question, an answer pops into your head and it happens to be an answer, you are probably correct. Try not to let other answers confuse you. If anything, try to think of correct answers first before reading the question answers.

  • Practice pharmacology quizzes.

    The more practice you put in, the more gaps in your knowledge base you can plug. Study is effective, but practice is mastery. Always take the time to practice what you have learned.

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