When it comes to high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol levels, obesity, and other issues, then working out is certainly more fun than taking a pill. This debate on drug versus exercise is almost equivalent to nature versus nurture. Medical practitioners from all around the world suggest that people subscribe to the notion of working out as it is healthier as compared to taking drugs. One important thing to note here is that the severity of certain diseases is so critical that they can be only treated with drugs. However, working out is always prescribed in the beginning if mild symptoms are being experienced by people.

When should you take drugs?

Drugs should never be taken unless a professional doctor has not been consulted with. Every drug has its pros and cons. This means that the drug has its benefits and side effects which need to be taken into account. A simple example is of a drug addict who has been registered with an inpatient drug rehab program. Such patients are given drugs so that they can get out of the severe issue that they have got themselves dissolved in.

Why is exercising so important?

Exercising has always been regarded as something that should be given a lot of attention. Seldom do people take care of themselves. There are a lot of benefits of exercising, which is why doctors prescribe patients to work out so that they can get rid of so many problems. Let me navigate you towards some of the mainstream benefits of exercising:

·         Working out in the gym can give a good night sleep and relax one’s mind.

·         Early morning yoga is imperative for treating depression and anxieties.

·         Jogging in the park can shrug off extra kilos and curtail obesity.

·         Intense cardio exercise can improve blood flow and treat obesity.

·         Exercise enhances self-confidence and improves self-esteem.

·         Exercise can improve physical appearance, which in turn motivates a person to do more things in life.

The benefits of working out will never finish; thus, it is important to prefer exercise in every case.

Is exercise better than taking drugs?

Keep in mind that drugs have side effects apart from the benefits that they offer. Doctors inform patients about the possible damages that a drug might do if it is taken. Moreover, taking drugs is also very costly because for most of the companies, it is seen as a great revenue for their business. With exercising everything takes a 360-degree turn. The first thing is that exercising has a lot of benefits as compared to taking drugs.

Moreover if done the correct way, then there are no issues to the body. The body gets cured of high blood pressure, obesity, etc. Along with that, there are no hefty costs involved. The only money that you will need to pay is of the gym fee or the yoga class.


The benefits of exercising outdistance the benefits of taking drugs. Therefore it is important to stay healthy and fit to stay away from harmful diseases in the future. Drugs and exercise are suggested together when the disease has severed. Therefore it is important to be mindful about the choices that you make in terms of eating and rest of the things in life. A healthy lifestyle is something which is very imperative for a healthy body.