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1. Guaifenesin belongs to which of the following drug classes?
2. Which of the following ranges represents normal adult phosphorus levels?
3. FDA-approved in February 2021, what is the medicine Evkeeza used to treat?
4. Leflunomide is an example of a purine synthesis inhibitor.
5. Magnesium salts can cause diarrhea, whereas aluminum salts can cause constipation.
6. Tocilizumab is an effective treatment choice for patients with giant cell arteritis.
7. Which of these antibacterial drugs does NOT work by inhibiting protein synthesis?
8. Spironolactone is contraindicated in patient's with Addison's disease.
9. In monoclonal antibody nomenclature, which of the following uses the source substem, -xi-?
10. A urea breath test is a diagnostic test used to identify infections caused by which of these organisms?

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    Taking expired tetracyclines can cause Fanconi syndrome – a disorder of kidney function that results in excess glucose and electrolytes being eliminated in urine!

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