As the leading pharmacology site on the net, PharmaFactz offers students an extensive array of outstanding and informative resources. These include summaries of drug classes, infographics, mindmaps, and quizzes – a total solution for students of every background.

Pharmacology is a subject shared among many disciplines – both academic and professional. It is, of course, a subject studied by students of pharmacy, medicine, dentistry, nursing, and pharmacology itself.

And as all students of the subject will tell you, pharmacology can prove challenging. Not necessarily difficult in terms of its content, but more so in terms of the blizzard of drug classes, drug interactions, and side effects that students are expected to commit to memory.

A Pharmacology Site for All

This is a hazardous task at best. That is why we, at PharmaFactz, have produced a catalogue of student-friendly resources – compacting what students need to know into bite-size chunks. These resources include:

The purpose of these resources is to make pharmacology manageable – resources that ditch the clutter of detail that invariably gets in the way when you just want to distil the subject down to its raw, undiluted facts. And it’s the facts that we, at PharmaFactz, focus on.

As PharmaFactz has progressed, advanced, and become more popular, we’ve also carved our way more and more into the social media arena. Check out our ever-active Twitter and Facebook feeds for more information.

Unlike every other pharmacology site, the focus of PharmaFactz is toward students. But we don’t just deal with pharmacology, though that is our main focus. We also help students learn about pharmaceutical calculations and medicinal chemistry, for example.

The future of PharmaFactz

As PharmaFactz grows in the months ahead, we plan to develop new resources for students of all-things medicine. For example, we will develop sections for community pharmacy, clinical pharmacology, and the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, amongst others.

In the meantime, though, be sure to check out what our current site has to offer. We continue to remain the leading pharmacology site on the net, even going as far as to be shortlisted as a finalist in the Realex Web Awards for Best Education site.

And it is against this backdrop that we will continue to grow.