Cannabidiol also is known as CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis plant. CBD is mostly known as a part of marijuana, but the truth is that it is taken out from the hemp plant, which is a cousin of the marijuana plant. CBD has been around ever since marijuana entered the commercial market. The good thing is that its consumption doesn’t lead to addiction or causes laziness. Till this date, there is no case reported of a person suffering physically from the consumption of CBD.

Currently, CBD is being used everywhere in the world. CBD is a very common compound in the United States and can be found almost everywhere, but its status of being legal is still disputed. All the 50 states have different laws with regards to their consumption and sale. The issue is that most state governments put it in the same category which marijuana belongs to. Currently, most CBD users can easily obtain it online without the need of having a medical license.

Is there any concrete evidence available regarding its health benefits?

CBD is currently being used by many people around the globe because users claim that it has several medical benefits. The surprising fact is that the sales of CBD oil are expected to cross the $1.8 billion mark by 2022 because of its wide popularity. Though not much concrete evidence is available, that supports the notion of it being an authentic medicine, yet there are claims and reviews which enlighten its positive side. CBD does have some evidence for its ability to treat chronic childhood diseases such as epilepsy syndromes, Lennox gastaut syndrome, and dravet syndrome.

In some cases, users also claimed that it helped in stopping seizures. One of the most common uses of CBD oil is that it is pivotal in getting rid of arthritis, which is the worst form of joint and muscle pains put together. Apart from that, many people use it globally because it helps them in getting rid of anxiety and depression. The intriguing thing is that the videos of children being given CBD and its effectiveness are available on the internet. Some users also claim that CBD oil gives them good sleep and helps in treating insomnia. It is estimated that more than 64 million Americans have already used or tried CBD oil at least once in their lives.

Is CBD safe?

Every natural compound has pros and cons to it. The side effects of CBD oil include irritability, nausea, and fatigue. CBD can even increase the level of blood and work just like grapefruit does in the body. The only concern with CBD is that it is not sold as a medication but rather as a supplement. The FDA does not paddle safety and purity of dietary supplements. Moreover, since there are so many CBD oil manufacturers in the market, so there is no genuine concern with if something not suitable has been added to it. Many manufacturers of CBD have come in spotlight for the wrong reasons when they even started to advertise that it can cure cancer, which is not true.

Not many people know about the correct dosage that should be taken. Everyone should know how to take CBD oil so that overconsumption or incorrect dosage can be avoided. It is no wonder that CBD oil has got many benefits to it, yet no much substantial evidence is available to support it. Research is still underway, so skepticism is going to be there. CBD oil is available at affordable prices in over 2000 stores in the US, and its sales continue to rise. Currently, this compound is a multi-million dollar business in the US.