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At PharmaFactz, we’ve created innovative study tips and tricks to help you get to grips with the fundamentals of pharmacology and clinical pharmacy.

Have you ever opened a chapter of pharmacology with dread? Ever wondered what information you need to know for the exam and how best you can prepare your study? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, fear not – as about 95 percent of pharmacology students feel exactly the same way. Whether you’re a student of pharmacy, nursing, pharmacology or medicine, our study tips and tricks can help you.

Our comprehensive range of study tips and tricks have assisted:

  • Students of pharmacy, nursing, pharmacology and medicine
  • Students preparing for their NAPLEX, NCLEX, pharmacy test or other clinical exams
  • Any other student learning about drugs and medicines

The purpose of our study guides is to help focus your study. They explain the creative ways you can approach your study, helping you dissect each chapter and absorb the essential pharmacology facts you’re expected to know.

In conjunction with our pharmacology flashcards, pharmacology quiz questions and answers, infographics, pharmacology mnemonics and tutorials and guides – our program at PharmaFactz is the complete resource to help you pass your next pharmacology exam.

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