Side Effects Quiz 3

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Side Effects Quiz 3

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1. A persistent, dry cough due to pulmonary kinin accumulation is a side effect of which of these drug classes?
2. Which of these drugs causes Reye’s syndrome?
3. A “shake and bake reaction” is a response to the administration of which of these drugs?
4. Hypothyroidism, diabetes insipidus, and weight gain are known side effects of which of these drugs?
5. Which of these drugs is known to cause “hand-foot syndrome”?
6. Tendon rupture / damage is a known side effect of which antimicrobial drug class?
7. Cinchonism is a syndrome of side effects associated with which of these drugs?
8. Which of these drugs can cause a black tongue?
9. All these are examples of anticholinergic side effects, except?
10. Which of the following drugs causes xanthopsia?

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