Side Effects Quiz 2

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Side Effects Quiz 2

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1. Which of these drugs causes ulcerative stomatitis, pulmonary fibrosis, and hepatotoxicity?
2. Nitrofurantoin is known to discolor urine ___________.
3. Which of these drug classes is most associated with causing photosensitivity?
4. Long-term use of ____________ is known to lead to nephrotoxicity and bone loss.
5. Which of these drugs carries a relatively high risk of agranulocytosis?
6. Which of these drugs is known to cause brown-pink skin discoloration?
7. Which of these drug classes inhibits uric acid excretion and so increases the risk of gout attacks?
8. Which of these oral hypoglycemic drugs can cause weight loss?
9. Pupillary constriction is a side effect of __________ toxicity.
10. Purple glove syndrome is a side effect of which of these drugs?

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