General Pharmacology quiz 4

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General Pharmacology quiz 4

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1. Which of these oral antidiabetic drugs increases the risk of bladder cancer and bone fractures?
2. What is benzyl benzoate?
3. FDA-approved in November 2019, voxelotor is used to treat which of these conditions?
4. Which of these ACE inhibitors contains a sulfhydryl moiety, the component responsible for its metallic taste?
5. The anticancer drug, etoposide, works by targeting which of these topoisomerase enzymes?
6. All these drugs are antimuscarinic agents, except which?
7. Digoxin is known to discolor vision _____________.
8. Which anti-gout drug works by metabolizing uric acid to the more soluble allantoin?
9. What is the standard reference range for vitamin B12?
10. Which of these Z-drugs is known to cause taste disturbances?

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