General Pharmacology quiz 2

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General Pharmacology quiz 2

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1. Cinchonism is a syndrome of side effects associated with which drug?
2. Levodopa-carbidopa absorption is reduced when taken with meals high in which nutrient?
3. FDA-approved in August 2019, istradefylline is used in the treatment of which of these conditions?
4. Which of these antiviral drugs works by targeting NS5A?
5. Which of these anticonvulsant drugs is only used to treat absence seizures?
6. Which of these drugs should be avoided 48-hours before/after use of IV contrast media?
7. All these drugs are classified as SSRIs, except which?
8. Prednisolone increases the risk of tendon damage/rupture when taken with fluoroquinolones, such as ciprofloxacin.
9. Which of these drug combinations is most effective at treating fulminant C. difficile infection?
10. All these side effects are associated with suxamethonium, except which?

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