Learning pharmacology online has never been easier.

At PharmaFactz, we have developed a comprehensive online resource that caters not only to nursing students, but also for students who study medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, pharmacology, and medicinal chemistry. The purpose is simple – to make the study and recall of medicines – their names, uses, side effects and clinical interactions – as easy as possible.

Our resources help nursing students by simplifying pharmacology in easily digestible packets – pharmacy case studies, tutorials, infographics, pharmacology flashcards and quiz questions – summarizing the relevant facts you’re expected to know.

Pharmacology can come across as heavy, burdensome, and complicated.

But with the right approach, and through our resources, it becomes more accessible than ever. Our resources focus on the relevant facts you, as an aspiring clinical professional, need to know.

Pharmacology for Nurses

As a nursing student, you need to know more than the fundamentals of pharmacology. While nursing does not require you to understand medicines to the same extent as a pharmacist, you still need a comprehensive overall understanding of how drugs work, what medicines work best and what side effects and drug interactions the patient is likely to experience.

In learning nursing pharmacology, you need to understand the indications for the major classes of medicines. You also need to have a basic understanding of how those drugs work – their mechanism of action. You’ll also need to understand the major side effects and many of the major drug interactions associated with major drug classes. For many, this can become a daunting task. Given the wide and diverse range of medicines and mechanisms and drug interactions – many students become overwhelmed and confused, impacting their final exam result grade.

Our online resources can help you learn nursing pharmacology:

  • Pharmacology quiz questions – we have over 660 quiz questions available in our online resource. These exam questions cover basic pharmacology, clinical pharmacology, mechanisms of action and drug interactions – a complete resource to help nursing students understand the pharmacology they’re expected to know.
  • Pharmacology flashcards – our flashcards condense the relevant clinical facts you, as a healthcare professional, are expected to know.
  • Tutorials and guides – sometimes you need to read more detail about a given drug class. Our tutorials and guides help you achieve precisely that.
  • Infographics – our online resource has hundreds of infographics covering every major drug class. They also cover essential nursing/pharmacy knowledge that healthcare professionals are expected to understand.

We have helped thousands of students get to grips with nursing pharmacology. Our resources have been created by healthcare professionals who understand the relevant facts you need to know. With our resources, we focus your study and help you attain the highest possible grade in the shortest possible period. No other online resource comes close.

Taking the Next Step

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Pharmacology for nurses doesn’t need to be difficult. With the right approach and the right structure, you can commit to memory the relevant pharmacology facts that you, as a healthcare professional, are expected to know. If you have any questions about our member’s area, be sure to contact us today – we are happy to answer any question you may have.