Coffee and kratom have been linked for the longest time now. The truth be told, both of these plants are from the same family but have huge differences. Coffee is not new to everyone out there. People have been drinking coffee for more than a hundred years now. Coffee has become a cliché drink for almost everyone who is a working professional. You will be surprised to know coffee sales have crossed the $18 billion mark in the US alone.

Kratom, on the other hand, is a controversial plant which grows in many parts of Southeast Asia. Kratom was earlier referred to as a plant, but now it is known as a beverage in many parts of the world because it is served as a drink. Many clubs in Florida offer nothing but kratom infused drinks to the customers at a low price. People who drink those beverages claim kratom can provide relaxation to the brain and provide relief from stress.

Are kratom and coffee similar?

Before digging deep into the crus of this discussion, it is crucial to study the origin of these two plants. Kratom has a special compound called mitragyna, and it is extracted in Southeast Asia. You will be intrigued to know kratom belongs to the same family which coffee belongs to. If you ever notice, kratom and coffee beans look similar to each other. Kratom has a stimulating effect which is similar to coffee. However this sedative and stimulative effect of kratom is widely criticized by the critics.

What are the differences between kratom and coffee?

As discussed, coffee and kratom belong to the same family but what differentiates them is their chemical composition. Their compounds are rarely found which is why both of them are expensive. However both the beverages have their own negative and positive effects on the body. Kratom’s advantages are linked to the different kinds of alkaloids it has, but coffee is applauded because of caffeine, quinic acid, ethyl phenol etc. Furthermore, how both compounds are consumed is also different. People smoke kratom in many parts of the world whereas it is difficult to smoke coffee and even if people do, it is used as a flavor. If you want to consume kratom in the form of capsules you can try kratom crazy maeng da.

Which is more powerful?

This topic is controversial and can be debated however there are facts and figures which can be taken into account. The amount of time for which both coffee and kratom provide different changes to the body is different. If we talk about coffee, the effects on the body last for 3 to 4 hours minimum. However people who consume kratom infused products claim it can provide long-lasting effects for odd number of hours. Kratom has no medical evidence which is why it is banned in many countries. However coffee is legal in all parts of the world and continues to be a major drink in the menu list of most hotels and restaurants.