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Medicinal Chemistry

Medicinal Chemistry of Herbs

This section takes a look at the medicinal chemistry of herbs; introducing you to the very basics of

Medicinal Chemistry — Understanding Drug Metabolism

This page focusses onstructural changes that occur when drugs undergo biotransformation and its impo

Medicinal Chemistry — Understanding Enzyme Kinetics

Enzyme Kinetics This section is a continuation of the article on Drug Targets. The following article

Medicinal Chemistry — Understanding Drug Targets

This section will go over drug targets in biological systems from a medicinal chemistry perspective.

Medicinal Chemistry Glossary

Covering structural features such as functional groups, cyclic aliphatic compounds, and heterocycles

Drug Design — A Special Case Study on Malaria

Human malaria continues to be a major parasitic disease affecting nearly half of the human populatio

Drug Design — The Complete Pharmacokinetics Guide

The following article builds on previous drug design articles. This article mainly focuses on the dr

Drug Design: Structure — Activity Relationships

This is the third medicinal chemistry article, with previous sections focussing on lead compounds as

Modern Drug Discovery — Lead Identification

This section follows on from our overview of medicinal chemistry by focussing its attention on lead

Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry

An overview of Medicinal Chemistry Medicinal chemistry is an interdisciplinary field of study combin