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Medicinal Chemistry

Medicinal Chemistry of Opioid Analgesics

Introduction to Opioid Analgesics Natural products have been used by humans for thousands of years f

Online Resources for Students of Medicinal Chemistry

It’s no secret that we’re in the ‘Information Age’. In the last decade, the number of online

Medicinal Chemistry of Anthelmintic Drugs

Introduction to Anthelmintic Drugs What are anthelmintic drugs? Anthelmintic drugs (or antihelmintic

Medicinal Chemistry of Lanthanoids

Medicinal inorganic chemistry is a complex subdiscipline of medicinal chemistry. We discussed the ph

Medicinal Chemistry | Chelation Therapy

Metal poisoning is a serious medical problem. Affected persons may be exposed to heavy metals, for e

Medicinal Chemistry – Introduction to Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships (QSAR)

A Brief Introduction to QSAR Previously, we discussed structure-activity relationships in a previous

Medicinal Chemistry of Antifungal Drugs

In this section, we offer a comprehensive assessment of the medicinal chemistry of antifungal drugs.

Medicinal Chemistry of Macrolides

Macrolide antibiotics are of immense importance in the battle against bacterial infections today 

Medicinal Chemistry of Anticancer Drugs I

This section will describe the medicinal chemistry of anticancer drugs. Sometimes called antineoplas

Medicinal Chemistry of Antiviral Drugs

This section takes a look at the medicinal chemistry of antiviral drugs – looking at their fundame
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