Beta Blockers Quiz!

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Beta Blockers Quiz!

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1. Which of the following beta-blockers also has additional alpha-blocking activity?
2. Which of the following statements about beta-blockers is false?
3. Which of the following drugs can be used in cases of beta blocker overdose?
4. Which of these beta-blockers is a Class III antiarrhythmic agent?
5. Beta-blockers decrease triglyceride levels and increase levels of HDL cholesterol.
6. Which of the following beta-blockers has intrinsic sympathomimetic activity (ISA)?
7. Half-lives of hydrophilic beta-blockers tend to be longer than their lipophilic counterparts.
8. Beta-blockers decrease nocturnal melatonin release, thereby contributing to sleep disturbances.
9. Beta-blockers – aside from their cardiovascular indications – are also used in the treatment of which condition?
10. Beta-1 receptors are found in the heart and kidney, whereas beta-2 receptors are found in the lungs, gastrointestinal tract, vascular smooth muscle, and skeletal muscle.

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