Aminoglycosides Quiz

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Aminoglycosides Quiz

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1. Aminoglycosides are poorly absorbed from the gut and must therefore be delivered via parenteral routes.
2. Renal damage is a potential adverse effect of aminoglycosides. In what part of the kidney are aminoglycosides retained which causes this effect?
3. Aminoglycosides lack activity against streptococci.
4. Which aminoglycoside is most commonly used in the treatment of cystic fibrosis patients infected with Pseudomonas aeruginosa?
5. Aminoglycosides are most effective against which kind of microorganism?
6. Aminoglycosides work by irreversibly binding to the 30 ribosomal subunit.
7. Which of the following drugs is NOT an aminoglycoside?
8. Ototoxicity is more likely if aminoglycosides are administered with which of the following drug classes?
9. When taken with aminoglycosides, platinum chemotherapy or cyclosporin increase the risk of ___________________________.
10. Which of the following statements about aminoglycosides is false?

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