What is PharmaFactz?

PharmaFactz is the leading online resource for students and professionals of medicine; a resource that has been around since 2012.

The resources of PharmaFactz include a wide range of infographics, tutorials, guides and, of course, quizzes. It’s the only website dedicated to helping students of medicine – whether they be from pharmacy, medicine, nursing, dentistry, or pharmacology – remember the essential facts about the drugs they study. Rather than bombarding students with slabs of confusing information, we endeavor to simplify and distill through the raw and relevant detail.

Our resources are tailored to students of:

  • Pharmacy, medicine, nursing and pharmacology itself
  • Students who need to learn about pharmaceutical calculations
  • Students studying for NAPLEX, NCLEX or other professional clinical exams

PharmaFactz has been consistently endorsed by established academics of the medical and pharmaceutical professions. We also have an active social media presence – on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – with a following of more than 86,000 and a monthly reach of over 3.5 million impressions on those platforms. We receive over 1.2 million webpage views per year.

PharmaFactz has also been a finalist in the ‘Best Education’ category at the 2016 Web Awards. We continue to adapt and advance our content to suit the growing needs of our users; developing new study techniques to enhance and maximize the learning experience.

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