Cigarette smoking is an issue that has rampantly grown across the globe. The shocking fact is that even youngsters of today’s generation are heavily addicted to this habit. It is estimated that over 0.5 million people die from diseases that are caused by smoking every year. If we go back in history, we get to know that it was determined in 1964 that smoking causes lung cancer.

People from all walks of life choose to do it for their reasons. A house is the most important place for any family because it is a mutual place for everyone’s gathering. Many people have a bad habit of smoking in the house as a result of which many issues occur. In this article, I will guide you through 4 different problems that are caused by smoking in the house:

4 Problems of Cigarette Smoking at Home

Polluted atmosphere

This is the first most important con of cigarette smoking at home. People who smoke at home are not only affecting their health but also polluting the environment of the house. This makes it difficult for other people in the house to stay healthy. This problem can worsen for the younger kids in the house who need just like fresh air as other people in the house want. Air purifiers can help in this regard, but if the habit of smoking is not curtailed in the house, it can take a big toll.

Damage to physical health

This is another major con of smoking cigarette in the house. Everyone is at a higher risk of developing breathing issue and intense coughing with cigarette smell in the house. If you have a habit of doing it at home, you better go outside right now. Moreover, pregnant women are also at a higher risk of having multiple issues with a smoker around. If you want to smoke in the house, you can use electronic cigarettes and visit the online store of such products to buy there.

Negative subliminal conditioning in the children

When you’re smoking indoors, and in front of your children, you are teaching them that smoking is a good habit and better if done at home. In this way, you are instilling negative aspects in their naïve minds. Children are fast learners and pick up every lesson that is easy for them. If you don’t cut down on your habit of smoking and continue doing it within the closed doors, very soon, your child will also grow up to do the same thing.

Damage to the house interior

Cigarette smoking is not the only thing that people do within the house. Some people even smoke weed in their toilets and sheesha when there’s a party going on or nobody around. The fumes of these chemical compounds are very dangerous and can readily damage the roof and walls of the house. You must have noticed what happens to the kitchen walls when they’re not cleaned for a long time, right? Same is the case with everything else that is lit in the house.


Lastly, it is no wonder that despite several warnings, chain smokers tend to do whatever they feel is right for them. A house is the most important place in the world. Therefore, it is crucial to protect it from all sorts of damages.