Top 5 Easiest Ways To Lose Weight

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This section takes a look at the top 5 easiest ways to lose weight - losing weight is not the difficult part, that merely applies to discipline. However, having a knowledge of food and diet complement this discipline.

If you think you’re going to lose weight simply by doing nothing then you seriously need a reality check! Losing weight is quite a simple formula; you must use more calories than you take in but must take in enough calories to avoid converting existing protein into fat. In other words, if you went on a crash diet, your body would enter a sort of starvation mode and your body would compensate for this effect by breaking down muscle protein. You definitely DO NOT want this because in the short term you’ll gain weight and in the long term you’ll look more disproportionate. Thus, the key is eating enough calories but not so much that you maintain or even gain weight.

An important application you can use it This is a free application which helps you log food intake and lets you know what calorie intake you should limit yourself to for whatever amount of weight you wish to lose. Alongside this, you should employ the following 5 simple techniques in your quest to shed those unsightly pounds.

1. Keep Yourself Busy

Think about how you currently organize your life and try to think of ways in which you can increase your activity, however small. For instance, try to do more cleaning around the house; get up earlier to get your metabolism going earlier; walk up and down those stairs more; or even walk to work instead of taking the bus or car if practicable. Either way, try to find minute ways to help burn those extra calories throughout the day. An individual activity may not seem much but many of these throughout the day will add up and help in your endeavour to lose weight! Of course, if you exercise regularly, great!


2. Drink More Water!

Even if you weren’t overweight you should be drinking more water for health purposes. Don’t feel obliged to drink 8 full glasses a day because if you’re not used to it then you’re better off starting at one or two and building your way up. Drinking more water removes the necessity to drink high calorie drinks such as cola or avoiding the milk involved in tea and coffee. In addition, water has 0 calories and so you can never go wrong with it! It also has the additional advantage of filling your stomach to quench any potential appetite for the time being which may help to avoid snacks such as biscuits and sweets.


3. Reduce Your Portion Sizes

This is probably the simplest method anyone attempting to lose weight can employ. For instance, if you’re used to having 50g of Porridge a day, reduce this to 30g, or preferably less depending on your size and metabolism. The idea is to reduce the portion such that you are full but not so full that you could have done without those extra calories. You need to eat just enough to get your way through the morning or afternoon to avoid being hungry but not to eat so much less that you are tired from hunger. Thus, start by reducing portions little by little until you find an amount of food which satisfies your appetite for whatever meal you’re having. In addition, if it’s breakfast, avoid all cereals with the exception of porridge and weetabix.

Preferably, you should have a high protein and reduced carbohydrate breakfast such as 2 eggs as protein helps you feel fuller for longer whereas processed cereals such as cornflakes will give you a sugar rush and desire for more sugar throughout the day. For dinner, you can have a mountain of vegetables given how light they are in calories but avoid too much red meats, potatoes, rice and spaghetti. A small reduction in portion for each meal throughout the day can have a marked effect on your total calorie intake for the day! Ideally, you should want to lose 3,500 calories for every 1 lb you want to shed, thus you need to eat 500 calories less each day. Use this as your benchmark to help cut unnecessary calories in your diet. In addition, don’t get fooled by ‘low fat’ products because while they may be low in fat they are more than likely to be high in sugars, which when unused, are converted into even more fat!


4. Avoid Bread!

This is probably the best advice one could adopt. Whether or not its white bread, brown bread, wholemeal bread or whatever other type of bread you eat, cut it out! You can get your fibre from many other sources such as fruits and so forth but this food is just not worth it. Its chock a block full of calories and avoiding a large sandwich once a day could help you cut out 250-350 of those 500 calories you’re supposed to cut out of your diet each day. Generally, you should avoid high carbohydrate foods in general such as potatoes, breads, spaghetti and rice. These can be switched for healthy salads with a fraction of the calories and sugar level. If you do anything, just cut this crap out of your diet straight away!


5. Protein, Protein, Protein!

You need to have a formal diet plan and stick to it. As part of this plan, try to incorporate a high protein food source into all main meals throughout the day. As previously outlined, this will help you feel much fuller than having carbohydrates or fat nutrients and so you are less likely to snack. Thus, this double benefit should be enough to convince you of its importance when trying to lose weight. However, this doesn’t mean you can have whatever high protein source you want! Try to avoid high saturated fat burgers or mince because while these are indeed very high in protein, the combination of fats that’s incorporated within is not worth the effort. Try to stick to lean unprocessed protein foods such as chicken, fish, turkey, eggs, lamb, lentils, nuts etc.


If you follow all these steps rigorously (and they are relatively easy to follow!) then there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t lose weight. Do bear in mind that people lose weight at different rates. For instance, a man who is 130kg will lose weight much quicker, per week, than a person who is only mildly overweight (assuming they both work consistently). Thus, your personal rate depends upon you, your activity and your metabolism and don’t expect to lose a pound every 2 days with these techniques.


This article has been designed to demonstrate the 5 simplest techniques and hasn’t even touched upon heavy exercise which many other plans recommend. While you should incorporate some form of exercise per day, you have to understand that losing weight is approximately 80% diet 20% exercise. Even if you exercised until your heart blew up, it would be totally in vain if you were eating a crappy diet. Thus, the first thing you have to sort out is your diet, and these 5 methods should go some way to help achieving that goal.


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