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Important Food-Drug Interactions

What patients eat or drink can have enormous consequences on how a drug works. Some drugs are best taken on an empty stomach, whereas many more are advised to be taken with food – or even with a great deal of liquid. Some medicines even react with seemingly innocuous substances like coffee or milk. Medical [...]

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WHO List of Essential Medicines

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is an arm of the United Nations which came into being in April, 1948 – itself currently headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. It plays an important role in stemming the spread of communicable diseases – such as HIV and malaria – and non-communicable health matters – such as sexual health and [...]

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Prescription Abbreviations

Prescription abbreviations (and acronyms) form the building blocks of many medical scripts. Their use has, in effect, become a tradition in the medical world - even though their use can only add to the risk of misinterpretation. There are, however, many other reasons why such abbreviations are becoming less and less popular - though their [...]

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Common Terms in Pharmacology

It's easy to forget many of the common terms in pharmacology, not least because of the sheer variety of competing terms required to be committed to memory. This section combines the most common terms in pharmacology, serving as a convenient repository of pharmacology terms to aid future study. A B C D E F G [...]

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Top 10 Best Ways to Remove Phlegm from your Throat

Separate fact from fiction with this top 10 best ways to remove phlegm from your throat - examining the most effective ways to resolve the symptoms of your cold or flu. Using antibiotics is not the way to go, though. Antibiotics are used in the treatment of bacterial infections, not viral infections. The common cold [...]

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